Registration is possible for both individuals and group (for any group of minimum 5 participants).


Individual registration
Read here our special incentives and additional information for individual registration.

Group registration
Group registration is also available (for any group of minimum of 5 participants).
For more information, please see the following links:

Registration fees
Fees are quoted in euro (EUR), per person, including 25% Danish VAT. Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.

Registration categories

until 15 April 2019

until 20 Aug.2019

after 20 Aug. 2019

Member1 Normal

EUR 620

EUR 750

EUR 900


EUR 415

EUR 550

EUR 695



EUR 290

EUR 415

EUR 535

Early career scientist4

EUR 225

EUR 355

EUR 470

Non-member Normal

EUR 820

EUR 950

 EUR 1100


EUR 615

EUR 750

EUR 895


EUR 375

EUR 500

EUR 620

Early career scientist4

EUR 310

EUR 440

EUR 555


We have a lower registration fee if you are:

[1] ECNP member: Applicable if your membership period includes the congress days and your membership contribution has been paid. Are you not a member yet? Apply here

[2] Non-MD: Applies specifically to those engaged in basic research. It excludes those with medical training.

[3] CDE: An individual resident in a country with a developing economy (CDE).

If you would like to pay in instalments please send a request by email to

[4] Early Career Scientist: for people matching the ECNP definition of an Early Career Scientist.

During the registration process you have to confirm you are an Early Career Scientist by uploading a student card (or an official letter* from the head of your department, university or institution) and a copy of your ID/passport. 

* Please download here the standard form that can be used to confirm the status of early career scientist.

Official registration agencyRegistration-4

The official registration agency for the 32nd ECNP Congress is:

T: +49 30 300 66 90
F: +49 30 305 73 91



Beware of agencies and websites offering services linked to the ECNP Congress in Copenhagen (mostly registration and accommodation). These organisations are not linked to ECNP and are using our name and /or logo without authorisation. Note that and are the only official websites. Our official registration agency is CPO Hanser Service GmbH and our official housing agency is c’accommodation. If you suspect you are being targeted by a fraudulent website or receive alleged scam e-mails, feel free to report here.


Further information
For more information, please read the frequently asked questions (FAQ).