Structure of the congress

The ECNP Congress is structured according to the schedule below: 

10.00-11.30  C Satellite Symposia (industry sessions)
12.15-13.45  C Satellite Symposia (industry sessions)
ES  ECNP Patient Session
14.45-16.15  C Satellite Symposia (industry sessions)
16.15-16.50    Coffee Break  
16.50-18.30   Scientific parallel sessions (x5)
   S Symposia
   E Educational Update Session
18.45-20.00  KL KEYNOTE SESSION 
20.00-21.00   Welcome Reception 
07.45-08.45   BS Brainstorming Sessions (x3)
09.00-10.00   CE Expert Science Exchange (industry session)
09.00-10.40   Scientific parallel sessions (x5)
 S Symposia 
   E Educational Update Session
   M New Medication Session (Sunday only)
   T ECNP's Got Talent (Monday only)
09.00-17.00  EH Exhibition
09.45-10.30  CA Campfire Sessions (x2)
10.00-11.00  CE Expert Science Exchange (industry session)
10.40-11.15    Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
10.45-11.10   Poster Jams
11.15-12.00  PL PLENARY LECTURE 
12.00-12.30  IN Innovation Showcase Session (industry session)
12.00-14.00   Lunch
12.15-13.45  P/EP Poster and E-poster Session
12.30-13.30   ECNP General Assembly (Monday only)
12.45-13.15  TP Top Paper Session (x2)
12.45-13.30  NS Neuroscience-based Nomenclature (NbN) Session
13.15-13.45   Travel and Poster Award Ceremony
 13.30-13.50   Award Ceremony - Best publication of "negative" results in preclinical
and clinical neuroscience (Monday and Tuesday)
14.45-15.20   Coffee Break
 CD Career Development Session
15.15-16.15  CE Expert Science Exchange (industry session)
15.20-17.00   Scientific parallel sessions (x5)
   S Symposia
   E Educational Update Session
   D Debate Session (Sunday only) 
   I ECNP Inspired (Monday only)
15.45-16.30  CA Campfire Sessions (x2)
16.15-17.15  CE Expert Science Exchange (industry sessions)
17.30-19.00  C Satellite Symposia (industry session)
19.00-22.00   Faculty Reception (Sunday, by invitation only)
20.30-23.00   Science on the Rocks (Monday, for Early Career Scientists only)