The beauty of the brain: a journey in pictures

If you could represent the beauty of the brain with one image, what would that be? This year, we invite you to celebrate this beauty at the 32nd ECNP Congress, by submitting a memorable image or video of the brain from your research work. The best images will be selected and shown during a special ‘Love Your Brain’ Session.

What and how to submit
It is no longer possible to submit your image/video. The deadline was Monday, 5 August 2019.

  • If you have any images/videos and are interested to present it during this session, please send it by e-mail before 5 August 2019.
  • Eligible: neuroimaging images/videos using any microscopy technique, fMRI Images, 3D brain reconstructions, paintings or drawings of the brain or brain cells/structures/networks.
  • You can submit 1 image or short video (max 30 seconds). No more than 1 image/video per author. Images/videos can be already published.
  • Please add:
    - Title of the image/video
    - Short Description
    - Technique
    - Author(s)
    - Name of the Presenter at the session (if selected)
    - If published: please indicate reference

Please note that

  • The applicant must be registered to the 32nd ECNP Congress.
  • By submitting the image/video, the applicant permits to ECNP to use it for the Love Your Brain Session and during the congress. Credit will be always given to the author(s) on the image/video when it is used.
After the submission
  • The images will be evaluated on: creativity, technical proficiency, artistic and visual appearance.
  • Selected presenters (max 6) will get the opportunity to present their image/video during a 4-minute presentation. All the presenters will be informed whether or not their image is accepted.
  • The other images/videos might be shown on screens in The Bubble during the congress.
  • All accepted presentations (max 6) will be announced in the online programme and in the congress App.